Hotel white sand boutique da nang, vietnam

Zanzibar white Sand has phối its anchor down along the eastern coast of the archipelago of Zanzibar. In the heart of a luxurious ecosystem, the establishment has had the finesse lớn integrate itself in complete discretion. Each villa is nestled in tropical vegetation, refreshed by the Indian Ocean, and has a living area of 500 sq. Meters located within a 1500 sq. Meters lush garden for complete privacy. The restaurant serves local fish and produce from the vegetable garden, which are subtly enhanced by the famous spices of Zanzibar that may also be found as the foundations for the spa"s original treatments. Whether diving or kitesurfing, the warm turquoise waters of the beach are the ideal playground after a safari on continental Africa.

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Unique in the world: Zanzibar trắng Sands has set its anchor down along the eastern coast of the archipelago of Zanzibar, in the heart of a luxurious yet fragile ecosystem.

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ZANZIBAR white SAND LUXURY VILLAS và SPA thành viên Relais & Châteaux since 2017 Paje beach PO Box 2115 Paje 0000, Zanzibar United Republic of Tanzania Tel.: +44 trăng tròn 4525 4022
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Nestled in a quiet trắng sandy beach, Zanzibar white Sand Luxury Villas và Spa is a family owned, boutique khách sạn of 11 villas, phối in a tropical garden facing the aque blue waters of the Indian Ocean.An experience at Zanzibar white Sand Luxury Villas & Spa is as much about enjoying a cocktail on the rooftop Champagne bar as it is about kitesurfing in the sunset or indulging in a mát xa at the spa after a day of sunbathing. Our spacious luxury villas (from 500 m2), with their pool and recreational area offer the utmost privacy in a natural setting, while the amenities deliver the highest standard of service: spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp treatments và facilities, two restaurants, a rooftop champagne bar, a beach bar and a lounge, as well as a high-end kitesurfing & watersports center. The large resort (4 hectares) hosts only 11 luxury villas và 3 Cinnamon rooms to lớn ensure the maximum space for each of our Guest in an undisturbed harmony of senses.

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Designed with sustainability in mind, Zanzibar trắng Sand Luxury Villas & Spa reflects the natural beauty of the coast of Zanzibar. With over 4 hectares of lush garden, the 11 villas are nestled among trees và bushes for complete intimacy, their architecture emphasizing the local environment through the use of organic materials, shapes & textures. Behind the scenes, our operations reiterate our commitment to lớn sustainability through powerful infrastructures & initiatives such as waste management và recycling, effort to lớn move away from single plastics, solar and wind energies, organic vegetables and herbs garden, community projects & more.