- Resort và Golf Phu Quoc is located on a pristine beach stretching all the way khổng lồ the West cất cánh of the southernmost part of the country.The beauty of the charming natural landscape of the island’s northern part helps to honor the luxurious neoclassical European architecture of the resort.

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Named as the "sunset paradise" - the place to see the wonderful end-of-day lights only in Phu Quoc, this place is marked with weddings of the century on the beach, the top sunphối music parties that won’t happen elsewhere. Unmissable experiences include BBQ dinners right on the beach, or chill in style at the Pool Bar with its dome architecture that has become the ibé of eye- catching sunmix moments here.

Acreage:336,000 m2

Rooms và Guests:381 hotel rooms & 80 villas




SEA PACKAGE - 3N2Đ chống bao gồm bữa sáng+ bộ quà tặng kèm theo Hotel credit thực hiện tại khách hàng sạn

VÉ TÀU NGẦM BẰNG KÍNH VINWONDERS NHA TRANG - Ưu đãi độc quyền lúc mở bán khai trương tới 15/5

SUMMER COMBO | VMB Vietnam Airlines + 3N2Đ phòng có ăn sáng/ ba bữa + vé VinWonders/Safari + mas sa chân + giảm 200K lúc mua qua App

SEA PACKAGE - 3N2Đ phòng có bữa sớm + khuyến mãi 02 bữa trưa với xe cộ đón tiễn TPhường. hà Nội - Hạ Long tại Hạ Long

At Resort và Golf Phu Quoc, visitors can enjoy diverse culinary experiences, from international buffets that make the entire family happy khổng lồ fine dining in luxurious & elegant settings. Must-try highlights of this resort include having a BBQ by the beach lớn try out fresh catch from the sea, or chilling by the Pool Bar, which has a signature dome architecture, to lớn create one-of-a-lifetime experiences under the beautiful sunmix.

4 restaurants2 bars

Unwind and relax your body to enjoy a unique message originating from the Lvà of Happiness Bali, which uses premium products with organic and natural ingredients Golf Phu Quoc

 There has a stunning landscape of a tropical paradise with modern và comfortable equipment. The 18-hole golf course deserves the position of the most memorable gold course in Asia and the top favorite in the menu of favorites of golf enthusiasts excellent golfers. Safari Phu Quoc Safari Phu Quoc - the most comprehensive semi-wild animal care & conservation park in Vietphái mạnh, gathers about 170 species with nearly 3,000 animals, bringing visitors closer to lớn nature.

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Grandworld Phu Quoc

Only 4.1km far from the Grand World-class entertainment, entertainment, & shopping complex, Discovery Greenhill Phu Quoc promises khổng lồ bring you an unstoppable vacation you've sầu never had.

VinWonders Phu Quoc

Visitors can freely explore the most attractive entertainment destination in Phu Quoc with emotionally explosive games & quality experiences at Vin Wonder multi-themed park, just 500m away from Coastalland Phu Quoc.

Coromãng cầu Casino

The first-ever casino for Vietnamese khổng lồ push the luông chồng with 100 poker tables, jackpot challenges, & more than 1000 gaming machines.

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Almaz Phu Quoc

With a water music stage, a café, 9 restaurants, 16 stores and an open setting, Almaz is a heaven of signature Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, & Italian dishes that can please even the most fastidious diners.