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Built on a rocky escarpment near the summit of a scared mountain, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge offers tasteful, well-appointed rooms with views over acres of rice paddies, canals, và hills. A stone’s throw from the Cambodian border, in the southwestern corner of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region, the Nui Sam Lodge is the sister property of Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, located a few kilometres northeast, on the banks of the Mekong River. Room rates at the Nui Sam Mountain Lodge are very reasonable for the standard of accommodation, making it a great place lớn rejuvenate after several days travelling through the Delta, or before crossing over lớn Cambodia. I first treated myself to lớn a night here after completing the Mountains in the Mekong Loop.

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The Victoria Nui Sam Mountain Lodge boasts superb views & good rooms at reasonable prices


Address:Nui Sam Mountain, Chau Doc City, An Giang Province, Vietnam <MAP>

Price:$50-$100 | Phone:(+84) 76 3575 888|

Check Rates và Availability:


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A narrow road winds up the eastern edge of Sam Mountain. Victoria Lodge is located about halfway up, on the southern slopes. The lobby, concierge & restaurant is an open, circular ‘bird’s nest’ with French doors onto a large terrace and raised viewing platform. From here, there are fantastic vistas across the fertile delta plains và into Cambodia. It’s a great first impression.


The lobby, restaurant và viewing terrace all open onto fantastic views over the rice fields

The buffet breakfast (included in the room price, but lacking the variety and chất lượng you might expect from a hotel such as this) is served in the ‘bird’s nest’ restaurant, & there’s also a good selection of Asian và Western dishes available for lunch và dinner. The food is good, và dining out on the terrace in the mornings or evenings, when the low light picks out every detail in the vast landscape, is wonderful.


The breezy restaurant serves good Asian và Western fare (although the breakfasts could be better)

Below the restaurant, steep stone staircases lead down lớn the guest rooms & a swimming pool. (There’s no elevator, which might be something lớn consider if you have limited mobility or small children). Stone và brick rooms are arranged in rows, descending down the hillside in several terraces. Each room has a large, tiled, private patio with a bench, plants, and stupendous views over the rice fields. There are three rice harvests every year in this part of Vietnam: if you’re lucky, the rice will be ripening in the fields when you visit và the landscape will be a sea of green; if you’re not so lucky, the rice will have already been harvested & the landscape will be a patchwork of beige streaked by smoke from the burning of the stubble.

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Steep stone steps lead down from the restaurant khổng lồ the rooms và the swimming pool (there’s no elevator)

Superior và deluxe rooms are set on the hillside, overlooking the pool. Simply but elegantly furnished with wooden tables, chairs, desks, wardrobes, và beds raised on plinths above the red-tiled floors, all rooms are comfortable and cool. The trắng bedding, terracotta-coloured walls, & dark wood create a colour scheme that feels very Mediterranean but is also in keeping with the natural environment here – perhaps it’s the rocky, dry mountainside that reminds me of Greece or southern Spain.


Rooms are tastefully furnished with red tiled floors, beds raised on plinths and wooden furniture

At the bottom of the staircase leading down through the rooms, the swimming pool occupies a fantastic position on a platform high above the rice fields. Although I wish the pool was just a little bit longer, it’s still good for a cooling dip and a few laps. There’s a poolside bar, showers, tables, chairs, và loungers to lớn catch some sun & soak up the excellent views in the late afternoon.


The swimming pool is in a marvellous position overlooking the landscape across to lớn Cambodia

Up & to the left of the pool, a cluster of large, adjoining rooms are perfect for families. The interiors are tastefully decorated, there’s plenty of space, bathrooms have bathtubs, và the balconies have perhaps the best views of all: hence these rooms are know as Sky Villas. The dawn is a particularly impressive sight from here, when the orange orb of the sun rises over the flat & fertile plains.


Family rooms, known as ‘Sky Villas’, are very spacious và boast perhaps the best views of all the rooms

The entire property is nicely landscaped, including lotus ponds, brilliantly coloured bougainvillea, và a herb garden which provides ingredients for the kitchen. Staff are friendly and keen, mostly from local towns and villages in the Mekong Delta. The manager, Mr Tuan, is engaging company and has worked for Victoria hotels in this area for over 10 years.


Set on the side of Nui Sam Mountain, Victoria Lodge makes the most of its great position

Staff can arrange all number of excursions in the local area và beyond. Sam Mountain is riddled with temples, tombs, shrines và pagodas which make for an interesting (if a little hot & strenuous) walk from the hotel. South of the mountain, Tra Su Bird Sanctuary is well worth a visit for the ethereal boat ride through a flooded forest of cajeput trees.

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Stone & brick rooms are arranged in rows descending down the hillside in several terraces

In general, this is my favourite corner of the Mekong Delta, và Nui Sam Lodge is a comfortable place from which to lớn view and explore the surrounding area. I’ve enjoyed several stays at Victoria Nui Sam, most often as a rest stop on my way through the western Delta: either on the Saigon to lớn Phu Quoc Loop, or the Mountains in the Mekong Loop. It’s also an ideal stop on the way khổng lồ Cambodia, either by river via Chau Doc, or overland via Ha Tien.

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Dawn from Victoria Nui Sam Mountain Lodge: a great stopover if travelling through the western Delta

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