Vietnam Airlines provides Lotus Sky Tea milk tea (classic flavor và taro flavor) in the size of pre-purchased meals for all flights departuring from Hanoi.

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We will continue to offer a range of meals in addition khổng lồ milk tea lớn fulfill the demands of customers.

How to lớn purchase paid meals

Our paid meal service is provided at least 12 hours before departure time with the following methods: During the process of online ticket purchase on the Vietnam Airlines website; Sign into the Manage Booking section to pre-order their meals after booking tickets.

More information can be found here.

Please tương tác our Customer Service Center (onlinesupport
vdbnhatranghotel.vn) to lớn request changes & should be aware of the following minimum meal change times: 24 hours before the new flight"s departure time, if the new flight"s departure time is sooner than the previous flight"s; 24 hours before the previous flight"s departure time, if the new flight"s departure time is later than the old flight"s.Refunds

Passengers can request refunds in case:

Vietnam Airlines change the flight time by more than 6 hours compared khổng lồ the original scheduled time,Passengers who ordered meals but were not served on the flight due to the fault of Vietnam Airlines.Please contact our Customer Service Center (onlinesupport
vdbnhatranghotel.vn) to lớn request refunds.For more details, please refer our Frequently Asked Questions here.
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Sky Sofa

Sky Sofa

What is Sky Sofa?

Sky Sofa is a package of two extra empty seats that will offer our passengers more comfortable, convenient và private row of seats in our Economy cabin. This product is only provided on the routes from San Francisco to lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

Who is eligible for Sky Sofa?


Passengers purchasing Sky Sofa should meet the following requirements: Passengers have purchased Flex Economy Class or Classic Economy Class ticket; Sky Sofa is only available for flights from San Francisco khổng lồ Ho đưa ra Minh city operated by Vietnam Airlines.


In order khổng lồ bring our passengers the most comfortable experience, Vietnam Airlines will arrange seats in accordance with each flight status. Therefore, please vị not reserve your seat in advance. Adults accompanying with an infant are not eligible for buying Sky Sofa (as infant must be seated under an oxygen mask).
How to lớn buy Sky Sofa?

Passengers can buy Sky Sofa at least 06 hours prior to lớn the departure time by one of following ways:

In the process of online booking on Vietnam Airlines" trang web or application; After booking a flight, passengers can log into Manage Booking feature lớn purchase Sky Sofa; Passengers can also book at our ticketing offices, sales agents.Buy now

Sky Sofa charges vary depending on class of ticket & time of purchasing Sky Sofa. Passengers can refer to lớn the following fees:

Flex Economy Class: USD 500/passenger; Classic Economy Class: USD 600/passenger;
Changes & Refunds
In case that passengers change flight date voluntarily: Passengers" tickets are changed according lớn fare rules; Sky Sofa is changed with the same original service class at least 06 hours prior lớn the departure time of new flight; In case Vietnam Airlines changes the flight schedule, Sky Sofa will be reserved for the new flight.

Passengers are allowed to lớn refund Sky Sofa in one of below cases:

Vietnam Airlines changes the flight schedule; The aircraft is not eligible khổng lồ arrange seats for Sky Sofa.
Passengers can claim their refund for Sky Sofa within 14 days after completing their last flight.Sky Sofa is refunded at place of purchasing:
If passengers purchase Sky Sofa at ourticketing offices or sales agents, please liên hệ one of two channels.

Advance Seat Selection

Advance Seat Selection

Seat type
With advanced seat selection, passengers can enjoy more space khổng lồ stretch their legs or avoid sitting separately from their friends or family.

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Vietnam Airlines presents the following seat types:
Extra Legroom Seats provide passengers with more space to stretch their legs (e.g., exit row). Forward zone Seats (Aisle/Middle/Window) located closer to lớn the doors allow passengers to lớn be among the first to disembark the plane. Standard Seats: Most seats in Economy class are standard seats except for seats next to emergency exit doors, or those with extra legroom.
Eligibility passengers
Advance seat selection is applicable for passengers traveling in flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.
In case that passengers choose exit row seating, they must meet the following requirements:
Are of at least 15 but not over 60 years of age; Are physically able lớn assist crew if needed, must not be pregnant, nor traveling with infants or pets; Must be able to lớn read & understand instructions required related to lớn emergency evacuation, provided in printed or graphic form và must be able to understand the crew"s verbal commands; Must not require an extension seat belt; Must not have any conditions that might prevent passengers from performing any or all evacuation assistance functions (e.g. Operating the exit door).
Applicable class
Depending on the type of ticket (family fare), passengers may pre-reserve their seats for miễn phí or for a small fee.
Business & Premium Economy Class: không tính phí seat selection. Economy Class: Economy Flex ticket: không lấy phí seat selection. Economy Classic ticket: không lấy phí seat selection for standard seat. Economy Lite/Super Lite ticket: Passengers can pay lớn reserve their seats from the moment of booking until online check-in (24 hours before flight departure).
Passengers can select their seats không tính phí of charge when online check-in opens. Our system may automatically assigns fixed seats for passengers buying Super Lite ticket just before online check-in time. In this case, we can’t guarantee that passengers can travel next to lớn their accompanying person. Please chú ý that the crew in command has the authority to re-seat if there are any doubts about the passengers" ability lớn perform the evacuation tasks. Adults flying with an infant are not eligible for buying advanced seats (as an infant must be seated under an oxygen mask).
How khổng lồ reserve a seat in advance
Advanced seat selection can be made in the following ways:
When booking online (Vietnam Airlines" website or thiết bị di động app); After booking a flight with us, passengers can log in toMangage Bookingto reserve their seats. Passengers can also book at our ticketing offices, sales agents or in-town check-in service.Reserve a seat
Charges vary depending on the seat type và flight selected. The charges start from:
On Domestic Flights: VND 30.000 On International Flights: USD 5 (~ VND 115.000)
Changes và Refunds
The seats will be selected on the new flight in casepassengers change their flights after reserving their seats.The advance seat selection can be changed by one of following ways:
Passengers contact Vietnam Airlines" ticketing offices, sales agents or in-town check-in counters and pay the difference of seat price (if any). Reserved seats are only allowed lớn be changed lớn seat with equal or higher price.
Passengers are not allowed lớn refund seat price, except for the following cases:
Vietnam Airlines change the flight schedule; Passengers are allowed khổng lồ refund the reserved seat in case they change their seat selection và pay full fees for the new seat.
Passengers can claim a refund for paid seats within 14 days of the completion of the last flight.
Place of refund
Purchased seat selection can be refunded at the place of purchase including Vietnam Airlines" ticketing offices, sales agents, in-town check-in counters.

tăng cấp Now

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If seats are available in Business class/Premium Economy, the tăng cấp service will be definitely confirmed. With this service, passengers have chances to lớn experience our premium in-flight services & enjoy more space for working or relaxation.

Benefits of tăng cấp service

Comfy flatbed in Business class
Premium cuisine
An expanded world of entertainment programs
Cost savings

Upgrade fee

Please click here for nâng cấp fee. To lớn learn more about fee applied to lớn your specific route, please tương tác our ticketing offices.

How to lớn book your upgrade

Passengers who have booked the Economy Flex, Economy Classic, Premium Economy,Economy Lite can buy the nâng cấp by the following methods:

website or điện thoại app; Branch offices/ticket offices in Vietnam & foreign countries; Agencies in Vietnam; The last-minute ticket offices at domestic and international airports.

Upgrade can be purchased within 24 hours before estimated departure time. Especially for 5 routes (Hanoi - Ho bỏ ra Minh City, Hanoi - da Nang, Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố - da Nang, Ho đưa ra Minh city - Phu Quoc, Ho bỏ ra Minh city - Cam Ranh), upgrade can be purchased after tickets are issued.

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Upgrade Now


The following services of new upgraded class are applicable: Priority check-in; Priority baggage tag and baggage handling; Meals & drinks; Priority track at the airport. The following services of original ticketare applicable: Business lounge; Baggage allowance; The frequent flyer mileage accrual. If passengers want to lớn change upgrade service such as upgrading to a higher service class, please lưu ý that refunding/changing original upgrade service is not allowed. Upgrades are not applicable khổng lồ the following cases: Children under two (2) years of age. Passengers who have already checked in.

For more information about in-flight services on Business và Premium Economy class, please clickhere.