Sapa Legend Hotel & Spa (Hotel) (Vietnam) Deals

  - is optimized in terms of form size, the interior is luxurious, affirmed to lớn increase the business with a full range of areas, a reasonable rent và guests don"t have sầu khổng lồ pay any extra cost
At, you can use many utilities such as printers, photocopiers, high-speed Wi-Fi, drinking water, tea, coffee, ...

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has a general utility areas like seating area, bar, coffee shop is spacious, luxurious và polite. has enthusiastic, thoughtful and professional receptionists who are good at communicating foreign languages, willing lớn provide miễn phí advice lớn customers about the procedures for establishing a company, tax issues, corporate finance ...




Spacious trăng tròn mét vuông with two beds (1,2m), a large sitting area with chairs và a comfortable writing desk. All rooms facing street view.

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Spacious trăng tròn mét vuông with one king kích thước bed (1,6m), a large sitting area with chairs & a comfortable writing desk. All rooms facing street view.

Ideally located in the heart of Sapa town, on the foot of Ham Rong mountain, surrounded by the most ancient street, still known as Food Quarter, Legkết thúc Sapage authority Hotelis proud to be one of the newest boutique hotels in Sapa. It is within walking distance of Sapa market, Sapage authority Church và the legendary Sapa love sầu market.

Legover Sapa Hotel offers 15 spacious roomswith đô thị và mountain view và a modern and diverse range of services and facilities. Moreover, our boutique Sapa hotel is renowed for its tranquility and comfort environment.The hotel’s location is very convenient for guests with shopping complexes, banks, business establishments & centers of tourist interest, as well as eating & entertainment options all very cthua thảm by.

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Our dedicated team with young, enthusiastic & friendly staffs are always ready khổng lồ welcome you khổng lồ come và enjoy the best services at hotel as well as the most interesting local attractions and tours in Sapa. Our Legend Sapage authority Hotel are available to help you discover Sapa, welcome you with a smile and simply help you to be the best you can be.