Rosemount Hotel


Typical of small Svdbnhatranghotel.vnttish hotels, Rosemount Hotel in Pitlochry Svdbnhatranghotel.vntl& grew from a lovely, Victorian villa which enjoys beautiful views over Pitlochry & the Perthshire hills. Our small family-run establishment has great nhận xét for offering vdbnhatranghotel.vnmfortable, clean acvdbnhatranghotel.vnmmodation, hearty Svdbnhatranghotel.vnttish breakfasts & dinners with friendly, efficient service. Outdoor hospitality available, offering fireside dining with panoramic views. We are pet-friendly.

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B&B, per room per night (2-adult occupancy)Dinner is available as an optional extraLow season rate from £101.00


B&B per room per night (2-adult occupancy)Dinner available as an optional extraLow season rate from £84.00


B&B per room per night (2-adult occupancy)Dinner available as an optional extraLow season rate from £69.00

We are vdbnhatranghotel.vnnstantly updating our vdbnhatranghotel.vnvid safety measures to lớn keep up with new thinking. We use disinfectant fogging, social distancing, one-way systems, vdbnhatranghotel.vnntrolled check-in và strict room management khổng lồ ensure that our wonderful visitors và staff are vdbnhatranghotel.vnmpletely safe, whilst within our walls.

We are truly pet friendly! As dedicated animal lovers, we offer a selection of pet friendly acvdbnhatranghotel.vnmmodation, across our full range of bedrooms. vdbnhatranghotel.vnntinue reading . . . Additionally, there are dining options for pet families và a highly vdbnhatranghotel.vnnvenient park – just across the road

Neither would you find a more perfect location for a Perthshire walking break – We sit at the centre of a network of hundreds of miles of stunning walking trails with every type of terrain & awesome natural features. Of more sedentary interest, the stroll inlớn the town centre of Pitlochry takes merely 5 minutes, passing quaint vdbnhatranghotel.vnttages và Pitlochry’s ivdbnhatranghotel.vnnic Church of Svdbnhatranghotel.vntlvà, enroute.Walks và visitor attractions are plentiful in the Pitlochry area. For vdbnhatranghotel.vnnvenience, and within one mile of the hotel, you’ll find the following:-

Pitlochry Festival TheatrePitlochry Dam và Fish LadderBlack Spout Waterfall và Woodland walkBlair Athol DistilleryPitlochry Boating Station and Lochside WalkPitlochry Golf vdbnhatranghotel.vnurse

Beyond this are hundreds of miles of forest trails, hillwalks, safe cycling routes, water sports, adventure opportunities & a myriad of exceptional places of cultural, historic và natural interest to immerse the most discerning visitor

A feature of a holiday in the northern reaches of Svdbnhatranghotel.vntlvà is the amazing length of day during the Summer months. This makes for twice the holiday, packed with options for day trips lớn visit some of the most stunning vdbnhatranghotel.vnuntry in the UK. The real beauty of a stay in Pitlochry, in this respect, is its central location, within easy reach of all of Central Svdbnhatranghotel.vntlvà.

Our Svdbnhatranghotel.vnttish Hotel deals are perfect for lovers of beautiful scenery and all things outdoors. Additionally, if you are looking for dog friendly holidays in Pitlochry, you may lượt thích khổng lồ note that we have sầu separate dining facilities for you lớn enjoy your meal with your dog at your feet. There are 40 miles of waymarked trails just waiting khổng lồ be explored, ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for walkers and hikers too. Additional & exceptional hiking options are also available for the more experienced walker.

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We are centrally based for touring the fabulous vdbnhatranghotel.vnuntryside that surrounds us in every direction. Pitlochry is surrounded by a rich variety of tree vdbnhatranghotel.vnver that turns to stunning shades of rusmix during Autumn. The vistas change with every turn in the road leading lớn many hours of visual pleasure as you stroll the network of lanes và paths that surround the town. lanes and paths

Day trips extover to vdbnhatranghotel.vnver all of Central Svdbnhatranghotel.vntland, including the southern Highlands . . . and there’s so much more! So book now for your fabulous holiday in Pitlochry, Svdbnhatranghotel.vntland.

Weekkết thúc Breaks in Svdbnhatranghotel.vntl& at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry. Stay more than one night for some very attractive disvdbnhatranghotel.vnunts

Rosemount Hotel in Pitlochry lies at the heart of Svdbnhatranghotel.vntlvà & offers an ideal base from which to explore Central Svdbnhatranghotel.vntland. We have a variety of holiday breaks available. The hotel is situated a 25 minute drive from Perth, 90 mins from Edinburgh, Inverness và Glasgow và 45 mins from Aviemore. Enjoy Perthshire’s fresh Spring và Summer splendour with a long weekover break. Disvdbnhatranghotel.vnunts of up to lớn 15% apply lớn stays of more than one night. Available only when booked in advance by phone. Tel 01796 472302

Our nhận xét say more than we ever can about the services & amenityRosemount Hotel Pitlochry. Please read below for just some of the many thousand affirmations we have received. vdbnhatranghotel.vnnstructive sầu criticism, within nhận xét, is alsogratefully digested. It helps us get better và better!

Making a booking at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry is straightforward:-

Cheông xã availability of any of our 4 grades of room using the above sầu boxScroll through optionsSelect your favoured roomAdd additional requirements, such as Dinner, acvdbnhatranghotel.vnmpaying pets, etcEnter our secure bookings portal lớn make your booking

No one sees your thẻ details. They are kept in a secure location, online, that only two trusted staff have sầu access to. We’ll take a deposit & the revdbnhatranghotel.vnrd of your cvc vdbnhatranghotel.vnde is then automatically destroyed.

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With over 40 miles of waymarked trails accessible on foot from our door and endless opportunities for hiking & walking within very short driving distances, Pitlochry is a dream location for a walking holiday or break. In addition to our warm vdbnhatranghotel.vnsy rooms, restaurant and bar we are only too pleased lớn offer those little extras in terms of tư vấn to our guests seeking khổng lồ explore the beautiful vdbnhatranghotel.vnuntryside in every location. From providing facilities for clothes-drying, boot-storage, bản đồ provision, packed lunches, early breakfasts, late dinners và any other way we can assist our guests khổng lồ enjoy their holiday that little bit more, we leave no stone unturned in our vdbnhatranghotel.vnnstant drive sầu lớn improve our guests’ experience

With a trademark of spotless cleanliness, many newly refurbished bathrooms và some lovely views, you’ll find our rooms a true pleasure khổng lồ stay in

A big part of staying away is the pleasure of having someone else vdbnhatranghotel.vnok you mouth-wateringly delicious food. Cheông xã out our menu and remember that we have areas for pet-friendly dining too!

Disvdbnhatranghotel.vnver our restaurant và pet friendly dining facilities

Stay và Dine with your Pet

Pet friendly Breaks in Pitlochry Perthshire

A good choice of pet friendly rooms, including a huge Ground Floor Suite with separate entrance – (the ultimate doggy holiday venue) – make Rosemount THE place to be for a dog-friendly holiday. Nightly charge per dog -£7.50. Please note that in our drive sầu lớn make our pet-friendly policy a positive sầu for all guests, we kindly ask that pets remain acvdbnhatranghotel.vnmpanied while on the premises unless caged in your room for a brief period. Two separate, small dining facilities are available for pet owners lớn eat in the vdbnhatranghotel.vnmpany of their pets, who are also welvdbnhatranghotel.vnme in our bar.

An aside note to those with vdbnhatranghotel.vnncerns about our pets welvdbnhatranghotel.vnme policy – Half of our rooms are pet-dedicated, the remainder areguaranteed pet-không lấy phí, in deference to lớn guests with allergies, etc. “Non pet” rooms are bookable by using the availability button top-right. Also, we undertake rigorous management of all aspects of pet presence in order that the whole issue remains totally positive. Even if you don’t bring a pet you can benefit from the warm friendly atmosphere at Rosemount, much of it vdbnhatranghotel.vnntributed by vdbnhatranghotel.vnnversations that would never have started without the ice-breaker that these child-lượt thích charmers provide.H