Gold Dragon Beer Garden

The Gold Dragon Beer Garden specialises in premium imported beers, Cambo-Korean Fusion BBQ & Suki Style soups. Enjoy fantastic free karaoke!


Events và Promotions

Ha Tien Vegas Entertainment Resort & Hotel offers fantastic monthly promotions as well as a variety of daily, weekly and weekend promotions và events.



With a beautiful venue, tailored services và miễn phí parking, Ha Tien Vegas is the perfect venue for your wedding or celebrating a special occasion in Cambodia.

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Ha Tien Vegas Entertainment Resort

Ha Tien Vegas Entertainment Resort is a premier hotel and entertainment resort located in Prek Chak – Kampot Province, Kingdom of Cambodia

– near the Cambodian-Vietphái nam international border. We are only 150KM from Phnom Penh, 55KM from Kampot & 25KM from Kep.

Ha Tien Vegas is cchiến bại lớn popular Vietnamese cities like Rach Gia, Long Xuyen, Chau Đoc & Can Tho.

The Phu Quoc isl& express ferry only takes 1h & 15 minutes and we are located only 10KM from the ferry.

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Hotel Rooms

Come relax in style and enjoy the spacious comfort of Ha Tien Vegas. Our four-star khách sạn & resort cater to our guests’ every need, with every luxury imaginable. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the sparkling Cambodian coastline or inl& tropical paradise.

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We look forward lớn welcoming you at Ha Tien Vegas Entertainment và Resort.

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Road 33, Prek Chak, Kompong Trach

Kompot, Cambodia


+84 (0) 377 22 77 44


+855 (0) 81 23 trăng tròn 03





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