Immerse yourself in Saigon’s cityscapes from La Vela Saigon Hotel’s infinity pool 

With the escalating Covid-19 pandemic, bleak economy, và travel restrictions, 2021 has been a tough year for all of us. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t cap our year off with a high note right here in the đô thị.

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Imagine floating around in the cooling water as you behold a vast swath of the thành phố glowing in a golden shade of twilight from the 27th màn chơi with a martini in your hand.

If this scenario is your cup of tea, check out La Vela Saigon Hotel – trang chủ khổng lồ the city’s highest infinity pool.

It’s situated in District 3 and a stone’s throw away from the Independence Palace

Image credit: La Vela Saigon Hotel

Situated on a tree-lined street in the heart of District 3, La Vela Saigon Hotel is a 5-minute drive from the Independence Palace & the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Boasting 280 rooms over 27 floors, a fancy restaurant with a rooftop bar, and a swanky fitness center on cấp độ 4, this 5-star hotel promises stylish & comfortable accommodations whenever you’re in town or looking for a high-flying staycation.

While there are many things to admire about this glamorous hotel, our favorite thing about it may just be the infinity pool on the 27th floor.

The highest infinity pool in the city 

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Situated on the rooftop of the hotel, this scenic pool offers you panoramic views of the thành phố and makes a perfect place to plane-spot or watch the sunset while nursing a cocktail.

Drawing inspiration from an oasis, this 48-meters-long pool is decked out with palm trees for a lush look và refreshing vibe. 

Image credit: La Vela Saigon Hotel

Lounge chairs also line the pool, allowing you to sit baông xã & immerse yourselves in the stunning cityscape after a good swlặng.

From this area, you can literally take in the vistas of the city’s four corners. 

The pool is open lớn both hotel guests & non-khách sạn guests by way of swimming passes at VND350,000 (~USD15.15) per person.

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A band performing at the poolImage credit: SkyOne – Skybar & Lounge

If you’re not here for the pool but solely for the views, you can check out SkyOne, a poolside bar, and treat yourselves khổng lồ a galore of cocktails & tasty bar snacks from VND150,000 (~USD6.49) per thành quả. 

Image adapted from: La Vela Saigon Hotel

In case you’re intrigued by this place, here are some more details about this gem. 

The hotel has three fine-dining restaurants under its roof

Image credit: La Vela Saigon Hotel

Truth be told, you won’t find many hotels in Saigon that have sầu more than one fine-dining restaurant under one roof.

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But at La Vela Saigon Hotel, you’ll find two fancy restaurants on level 25 & another on cấp độ 26. The Mermaid restaurant on the 25th floor serves a dizzying array of seafood buffet dishes at affordable prices, while Herb và Spices on the same floor aims at dishing out world-class Asian cuisines from Singapore-style chilli lobsters lớn Bali-style grilled snappers. 

Image credit: La Vela Saigon Hotel

For those who love sầu Western cuisine, check out Rare Cut on the 26th floor where you’ll find a good selection of US-style dishes.

Image credit: La Vela Saigon Hotel

Spacious, elegantly designed, và with unsurpassed views over the city at day & night, these restaurants are fit for thắm thiết dates, family gatherings, as well as lavish celebrations.

Aside from restaurants, the khách sạn also has a fitness center và a spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp.

Gorgeously decorated rooms overlooking the city

The La Vela SuiteImage credit: La Vela Saigon Hotel

La Vela Saigon Hotel offers seven types of rooms, from 28 sqm to 1trăng tròn sqm. The room rates here range from VND3,600,000 (~USD155.84) to VND18,900,000 (~USD818.18) per night.

Deluxe cộ – the lowest-priced room at La Vela Saigon HotelImage credit: La Vela Saigon HotelAll are decked out with windows và balconies overlooking the city, stylish bathrooms with bathtubs, and plush beds for a pampering stay.

The Presidential SuiteImage credit: La Vela Saigon Hotel

Its Presidential Suite, which is 120 sqm large and costs VND18,900,000 (~USD818.18) per night, looks lượt thích a studio apartment. Furnished with a sophisticated dining area, a well-equipped kitchen, & a living room, this room affords stunning views over the đô thị thanks to wall-to-ceiling windows.

The Presidential SuiteImage credit: La Vela Saigon Hotel

All khách sạn guests enjoy không lấy phí access khổng lồ the infinity pool.

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Why you should kiểm tra out La Vela Saigon Hotel

Encompassing an infinity pool phối at a height of 150 meters with an extraordinary panorama over the thành phố, La Vela Saigon Hotel deserves to be a tourist attraction per se.

Plus, its short distance from the đô thị center and impressive offerings of amenities & contemporary comfort also makes it a great place lớn rest your head whenever you’re in town. 

Address: 280 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minc CityTelephone: 028 3622 2280


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