Khách Sạn Novotel Hcm

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Novotel Saigon Centre Rooms và Suites Restaurants & Bars Meetings và Events InBalance by Novotel

Novotel Saigon Centre, located right in the centre of modern, vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, is a great place to stay for those fascinated by the energy of thành phố life. It offers easy access to lớn shopping centres & other entertainment areas for guests lớn discover và enjoy. Plenty of cultural và historical attractions can be found nearby, including Notre-Dame Basilica, Saigon Opera House, & the War Remnants Museum – all within walking distance.

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This 4-star hotel in Saigon has 247 comfortable rooms khổng lồ make you feel relaxed and re-energised. All rooms have sầu a flat-screen TV, personal safe for your valuables, as well as a minibar. There are four room types in total, some of which also have other features, such as an espresso machine and an iPod doông xã for added convenience. Wi-Fi is không tính tiền of charge throughout the khách sạn, và a wire connection is available for those who need it. You will also love the view of the đô thị from your room.

The charms of Novotel Saigon, however, extover far beyond the rooms themselves. Our dedication lớn hospitality is at the heart of everything we vì, including the restaurants, bars, & other facilities that give added life khổng lồ the khách sạn. The Square international restaurant & buffet serves up excellent Asian và Western cuisine every day of the week, with a range of classic dishes that will appeal lớn every taste.

The khách sạn also has three bars khổng lồ keep our guests refreshed and satisfied. On Top Bar, located on the roof, has an amazing view of the Ho Chi Minc City skyline. A range of mouthwatering dishes is also available, along with a cocktail menu, for the perfect accompaniment to lớn the scenery.

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Offering a more casual experience, 167 Faubourg Bar is igiảm giá khuyến mãi for those who just want to lớn sit baông chồng with a cup of coffee và light snacks. Last but not least, the hotel’s Premier Lounge is reserved for guests who are staying the premier rooms. They will enjoy an exclusive sầu breakfast, all-day refreshments, và evening cocktails in a relaxing setting.

Guests seeking an extra-soothing experience are invited lớn visit our Inbalance Spa lớn enjoy a relaxing massage or skin treatment in a tranquil environment. We also have a fitness enter for those looking to stay in shape & burn some calories. The khách sạn swimming pool is located outdoors, & is another superb option for guests looking to lớn make the most of their visit.

We specialize in accommodation, but we also st& out at organizing events. Our 7 meeting rooms are more than able khổng lồ suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a professional meeting location or a magical wedding venue.

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This 4-star in Saigon is the right choice for everybody – from families và couples khổng lồ those visiting the city on business. The khách sạn is in District 3, with plenty of nearby highlights to lớn discover, ensuring that you’ll have plenty to lớn bởi during your stay. There are a lot of local food restaurants cthất bại by, along with plenty of opportunities for a nice walk around the central areas. The airport is 6km away, making the khách sạn perfectly accessible for all travelers.