Khách sạn bay hồ chí minh


The 251-room Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minc opened in first quarter of năm 2016, after the successful inception of its previous sister property, the largest executive sầu boutique 333-room Bay Hotel Singapore (sold in Q.3 2019).

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Tailored lớn impress business travellers with a boutique service philosophy and the urbanites’ comfort in mind, Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minch is primed khổng lồ lover a distinguished appeal and render an unparalleled service in the heart of the đô thị, District 1.

The 16-storey khách sạn features a bevy of pleasures for minds to unwind from a stylish restaurant, rooftop pool & bar facing the Saigon River.

*A non-smoking hotel


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Privacy Policy

At Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh, as your privacy is of utmost importance, we are committed khổng lồ ensuring that your Personal Data is secure và protected, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The Privacy Policy metes out the type of personal data we may collect, và we treat và use the data.

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By visiting this hotel website, you agree to the terms in this Policy.

In our pursuit khổng lồ address your enquiries và render service to lớn you during your khách sạn stay or visit, the Hotel may request for your name, gender, birthdate, trang chính and/or work address, e-mail, liên hệ và fax numbers, credit card information, preferred room types, special interests, dining preferences & dietary restrictions.

By providing your personal data, you consent lớn the Hotel using your personal data to:

Insize you of news và promotional activities in the khách sạn via tin nhắn, phone Call and text message.Contact you in response khổng lồ your requests and/or customise your customer experienceSolicit for feedback khổng lồ gauge your cấp độ of satisfaction for services provided by the HotelComplete the purchase process for products & services rendered by the Hotel

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, you may request for omission of any personal data provided to the Hotel, & withdraw your consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data by the Hotel at any time, giving reasonable notice.

Your personal data will be securely stored & retrieved with appropriate security technologies in place.

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Should you have sầu further questions or concerns about this privacy policy, or if you vị not wish to lớn receive sầu any promotional updates or news from us, withdrawal of consent or khổng lồ access và update your Personal Data, please tin nhắn khổng lồ us at enquiries