Khách Sạn Hồng Ngọc

Established in 1994, our hotel is where you can enjoy an exclusive experience of the old Hanoian lifestyle – a flashback of an historical period: late Nguyen Dynasty (1802- 1945) and early French protectorate.

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Strategically located in heart of the new Central of Hanoi, Hong Ngoc Cochinchine provides guests with a quintessential Hanoi experience-extraordinary service và deluxe cộ comforts at a great value.

Hanoi Opera House

One of colonial Hanoi’s most iconic edifices, the Hanoi Opera House was built by the French in the first decade of the 20th century as an Indochinese twin to Paris’s largest opera house. Today it hosts traditional và modern performances by Vietnamese and international musicians & dancers and is home khổng lồ the Vietnamese National Opera & Ballet.


Hoan Kiem Lake

Legover claims in the mid-15th century Heaven sent Emperor Ly Tnhị To a magical sword, which he used to lớn drive the Chinese from Vietnam giới. After the war a giant golden turtle grabbed the sword và disappeared inlớn the depths of this lake to lớn restore the sword khổng lồ its divine owners, inspiring the name Ho Hoan Kiem (Lake of the Restored Sword).

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“Calm, clean và cthua lớn the Old Quarter”Beautiful old French-style khách sạn located on a quiet street in the Old Quarter in cđại bại walking distance to Beer Corner, Silver Street etc. We stayed here for two nights & it was a lovely oasis in the middle of the Hanoi hustle and bustle. The rooms are clean & well maintained with super comfy beds. The staff are friendly và efficient too. The breakfast buffet had a good phối of western và Vietnamese food, including yummy French style pastries.

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“Friendly Staff Hotel at Prime Location”We stayed at the hotels for 4 nights. The room is clean và well kept. The receptionists speak good English and provide useful guide on where to eat & how khổng lồ reach places of interests. The hotel is located near the old quarter which is about 10 minutes away by walking. We love sầu the pho bo as breakfast every morning and bởi enjoy the stay at this hotel

“Hotel zentral gelegen”Sehr netter Empfang und Service. Die zimmer sind sehr gut, geräumig. Das Frühstück ebenfalls sehr gut. Hotel ist für Hanoi als Ausgangspunkt zentral gelegene. Da wir Tour in Berge unternommen haben, konnten wir unser großes Gepäck hier stationieren. Hat alles gut geklappt.


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Established in 1994, our restaurant is where you can enjoy an exclusive experience of the Vietnamese culinary tradition redefined with Western flair.