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Located next khổng lồ the famous Cua Lo Beach, Discovery Cua Hoi connects visitors to lớn the raw beauty of nature and inspiring, diverse experiences. Featuring spacious rooms & villas that combine the chất lượng Csi architecture with classic French style, the resort provides the ideal accommodation for a rejuvenating getaway or an inspiring meeting experience in Central Vietphái mạnh, only 1 hour of flight from Hanoi & a 10-minute drive sầu from Vinh City. Guests are also invited to lớn sample signature local specialities while in Cua Hoi, such as Nghe An’s eel soup or crab meatballs.

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Rooms & Guests:218 hotel rooms and villas




Amidst the pristine nature of Cua Hoi beach, Discovery Cua Hoi offers chất lượng local culinary experiences mixing and the quintessence cuisine world at the luxurious Padma restaurant. The outdoor barbecues at the swimming pool or courtyard garden in the villa. The pool bar và Lobby lounge are great places to relax và enjoy premium wines & tempting drinks created by talented bartenders.

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Vincharm Spage authority entirely cares for the toàn thân & soul of visitors, such as the chất lượng and effective sầu mát xa treatments from precious natural ingredients, skin & hair care services, or relaxing in the most modern jacuzzi, increases flexibility muscles with dry and wet saunas. The time here helps you clean your chaos of life, return to the quiet "secret-garden" of the mind and ego. Water Park Ha Tinch

The largest water park in the North Central region with 8 challenging super tốc độ slides và many other exciting water experiences.

Sen village in Uncle Ho's hometown

Visiting the relics of Sen village in Uncle Ho's hometown, visitors will fully feel about the old Vietnamese village và witness the very sacred memorabilia of Uncle Ho.

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Cua Lo Seafood Market

The famous Cua Lo Seafood Market is a paradise of fresh seafood such as Shrimp, crab, crab, squid, mackerel, tuna, etc. are caught from the rich central waters every day.

Poet Nguyen Du's specific national relic site

Poet Nguyen Du's specific national relic site is on a space of more than 4 hectares, located on National Highway 8B, in Tien Dien Commune, Nghi Xuan district. There are prominent in the memorial park is the bronze statue of the great poet Nguyen Du, 1.5m high, placed on a 2.5m high statue pedestal.

Ho Chi Minch Square

Ho Chi Minc Square is the vibrant convergence of the city, creating beauty in harmony with the space và architecture of the homeland of Nghe. Uncle Ho's monument is 18m high, weighs 150 tons, is a monumental and outstanding architectural work, và is a famous attraction of Nghe An.

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