The 4-hectare Garden House Phu Quoc Resort is unlượt thích any others in Phu Quoc. From the beautiful garden houses hidden under the branches of big trees khổng lồ the gently curving grass pathways, the resort leaning on the mountain gives you complete tranquility & comfort with verdant gardens, outdoor sport area, impressive sầu swimming pool và tropical-style-bar.

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Strolling in the early morning or late afternoon along the verdant pathways, breathing the fresh mountain air, you feel now you are closer to lớn nature than ever before. You might even find that in the proper season, there are tropical fruits to be picked right outside your door such as: Sim Tra, Jaông xã fruits, bananas, papayas. So, everyday is filled with inspiring experience!


The Garden House Resort offers a choice of 7 house types: Double Room With Garden View, Twin Room With Garden View, Deluxe pháo Double Garden View Room, Deluxe Twin Garden View Room, Mountain View Villa With Kitchen (2 bedrooms), Superior Family Garden View Room, Wooden Villa with Kitchen (2 Bedrooms).

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