Cheap Flights From Da Nang To Hong Kong Intl


All flight schedules from Da Nang, Vietphái mạnh lớn Hong Kong International, Hong Kong. This route is operated by 1 airline(s), và the departure time is between 09:40 - 18:10. The distance is 574 miles.

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HK Express flight schedule from Da Nang lớn Hong Kong International

All weekly departures with HK Express.

Da Nang DAD

Da Nang (DAD) is the third largest airport in Vietphái mạnh. You can fly lớn 21 destinations with 15 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic.

Explore all destinations from DAD

Hong Kong International HKG

Hong Kong International (HKG) is the largest airport in Hong Kong. You can fly khổng lồ 106 destinations with 54 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic.

Explore all destinations from HKG

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From Da Nang you will fly out from Da Nang (DAD) và you will be landing at Hong Kong International (HKG).

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Flights are arriving at terminal 2 or 1 in Hong Kong (HKG). All flights to lớn Hong Kong are departing from terminal 2 at Da Nang (DAD).
Map exploring Da Nang - destinations

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