Asiana Airlines

Shorten boarding procedures and prepare for your travels conveniently! If you apply for the tự động hóa check-in service, your check-in will be automatically completed 24 hours before the departure time. If the airport allows Mobile boarding passes, the boarding pass will be delivered to lớn you.

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Embark on your journey comfortably, & with time to lớn spare, with a quiông chồng và convenient boarding process!

User GuideHow to lớn Use

Check-in hours Eligibility
- International Flights: 361 days ~ 48 hours prior to departure - Domestic Flights: 30 days ~ 24 hours prior to departure
- All passengers who have sầu completed ticket payment Eligible routes for điện thoại boarding passes * Limited for: group reservations, passengers traveling with infants under 2 years of age, passengers who applied for special services (UM, YPTA, etc), passengers using codeshare flights
How lớn Use
01 Start 01Apply for Aukhổng lồ Check-in at the check-in/seat assignment menu. After Log-in : At the bottom of the My Asiana reservation details screen, clichồng on the seat assignment/check-in thực đơn. As Guests : Enter your reservation number & departure date at the check-in menu, & cliông chồng on the reservation you want lớn apply for.
02 Seat assignment 02You can select the seat you want or change your seat. If you have sầu already been assigned a seat, clichồng on the tự động hóa check-in application button right away and move sầu on to lớn the next page. If you are applying for auto check-in without assigned seats, you will be assigned a seat randomly (can be changed).
03 Contact information/passport information 03Enter your tương tác information và passport information (domestic flights). Your boarding pass will be delivered using the email or cell phone number you entered. Make sure you enter the correct information. In the case of international flights, if valid passport information is not entered, check-in may not be possible depending on the pre-screening results at the departure/arrival đô thị. For flights arriving in the U.S., you need khổng lồ enter the address of the place you will stay at in the U.S.(hotel) or your permanent residency status.

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04 Application complete 04After your application is completed, your check-in will be completed automatically 24 hours before departure. You can reissue your boarding pass, change your seat or information, và cancel your check-in before the online check-in deadline. Airports that allow issuance of điện thoại boarding passes If this is not the case, delivery of your boarding pass will be limited after check-in. Please receive sầu a physical boarding pass at the designated counter.




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Apply on your Smartphone phầm mềm. You can easily enter your passport information using the passport scanning function.
What is passport scanning?

It’s a function where you can use your cell phone camera to read the text on the photo page of your passport, so you can easily enter the information with one touch.